Memory of a ceremony
Good morning, everyone.

Today is a day of a "Seijin-shiki" ceremony.

Since I was reserving the beauty parlor from 6:00AM,

I woke up to 5:30, dressed myself in a hurry,

and went out.

Now, my hairstyle and styling of a kimono are perfect!

I’m going to go to a work place after writing my blog.

Hey, Except the last sentence, That's all joke.わら

"Seijin-shiki" is felt like an old memory.

What kind of clothes did you wear on that day?

With whom did you spend the time?

In fact, I have not participated in a Seijin-shiki.

I repent of that very much now...

Because It has only once in a lifetime.

At that time, Probably, I was shameful boy.

I cared about trifles things and wasn't able to act.

It is the sentimental recollections of youth.

Why does a Japanese young woman have earnestness special to a seijin-shiki ceremony?

Please let me your opinion and comment.

Of course in English.(笑)